Mechanical Design & Engineering

Mechanical designers at TIP develop a wide range of mechanical solutions to meet the needs of product development, prototyping and manufacturing. They can drastically reduce cost by optimizing the mechanical design fro China Manufacturing, such that both tooling costs and unit costs will be lower.

TIP Mechanical design activities include: 
  •  Enclosure design 
  •  Mechanical engineering
  •  Tooling design
  •  Component sourcing services
  •  Quick-turn prototypes
  •  Other production support activities
Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering team at TIP develops static and dynamic mechanical solutions for low, medium and high volume designs in both rubber, plastic, and metal enclosures. Extensive design experience with high volume materials and processes ensures high quality and efficient solutions for enclosures, interconnects, cooling, and EMI containment.

Our mechanical designers work with other design disciplines to provide solutions for concept exploration, material and process research, detailed component information, bill of materials, PCB layouts, and pack-out design solutions.

TIP works with CAD/CAM data in many forms, mostly Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, MasterCAM, MoldFlow, autoCAD, and Solid Works, and can work with whichever CAD system is most appropriate to a particular project.

For more information please contact us at Email: TIP Value Engineering