Prototyping and Product Introduction Services

TIP Manufacturing offers complete prototyping and product introduction services for process verification, initial product introduction ramp and transfer to volume manufacturing. Staffed with advanced manufacturing engineers and technicians, quality and test engineers, and highly skilled operators, TIP Product Introduction has expertise in engineering development, program management, process optimization, prototyping and value engineering services to ensure customer time to market and time to volume requirements.

  • New Product Introduction Services
  • Quick turn prototypes
  • Rapid tooling and prototyping
  • Mechanical plastics and metal
  • Electrical and PCB/PCBA
  • Box build
  • Full suite of test services
  • Supply chain management
  • Engineering Support
  • Full system integration
  • Transfer to global sites
  • Rapid Tooling and Prototyping

With extensive in-house resources, we offer Rapid Tooling and Prototyping services to meet our customers' standards and schedule to ensure true Rapid Product Development. In the early stage of development, we can demonstrate form and/or function, and ensure clients, designers, and all development partners have a clear understanding about the product, and so avoid the misunderstandings common and costly to product development.

We provide many kinds of as-needed tools and prototypes, such as handmade or CNC machined block models, SLA/SLS parts for functional prototypes, silicone tools, fast tooling in metal, and so on. Through our prototypes, we are able to respond quickly to changes and updates with advantages of time and cost savings.