Integration Production Services

A large part of being a turnkey Product Development and Manufacturing Group is the ability to provide managed Production Services for our customers. Combined our all right production facilities with an integration service that can tie it all together, TIP performs Production Services successfully in the following manufacturing environments:

  • Owned and operated by TIP.
  • Contractual rights to a percent of production time through "bulk manufacturing" agreements.
  • Exclusive non-competitive consortium agreements.

This wide array of capabilities of tooling, injection molding, compression molding, die casting, machining, and assembly provides a very cost effective production service for all types of manufacturing in China. More importantly the decisions, leverage and control remain with TIP and our customers.

TIP specializes in "turn-key" production capabilities by offering a vast selection of manufacturing processes under the knowledgeable control of dedicated project managers. TIP is not only the right place for you to have a truly successful, and headache free production schedule, but also is the right place for the company that would like to purchase complete sub assemblies or reduce inventory with JIT production.