Integrated Molding Services

TIP Manufacturing is a full service molder that offers Plastic, Rubber and Metal Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Thermoform Molding, Extrusion Molding, and Blow Molding for complex parts in medium to high annual volumes.

We currently mold plastic parts, rubber products, and metal parts in our different facilities which are co-located with final system assembly in low-cost labor regions in China. Each of these molding facilities has different capabilities and varying secondary operations available. Due to the wide array of molding and secondary operations TIP is able to offer our clients the correct process and level of service they require. The following is only a sample of the varying capabilities our molding facilities have to offer: 

  • Injection molding of a wide variety of thermoset materials.
  • Compression molding of a wide variety of the rubber materials.
  • Composite molding.
  • Overmolding for multi-component products.
  • Pressure molding for die castings.
  • Injection molding of virtually all thermoplastics, from commodities through the high-end engineering grades, including PPS, PPO, and elastomerics.

We are capable of manufacturing components with very low tolerances that satisfy customers' high-end specifications.

Secondary Operations

TIP's advanced production operations also include heat staking, hot stamping, silk-screening, laser etching, and pad printing. In terms of painting capabilities, TIP possesses manual, automatic, and robotic coating systems, and has extensive experience working with pre-painted materials.

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