Assembly Solutions

TIP integrates quality ISO certified systems and innovative assembly and packaging technologies to deliver market-leading consume products. From product assembly through enclosures to testing and packaging, TIP Assembly utilizes the most advanced technologies in the industry while observing strict confidentiality agreements.

TIP and our assembly partner offer totally more than 100,000 sq. ft. of test and assembly space in China where equipment is set up, run and debugged before being disassembled, shipped and re-assembled and tested at the client's site.

In addition TIP has particular experience in:

  • Clean room applications
  • Pressing and die related operations
  • Curing and heat treatment operations
  • Labeling - paper labels, ink jet, laser etching
  • Precision placement to sub-micron accuracies
  • Process monitoring
  • Storage and retrieval systems
  • Testing - electrical, functional, leak (pressure decay, flow, vacuum)
  • Vision systems for inspection, verification and guidance
  • Welding and cutting