Strategic Sourcing Services in China

Driven by domestic demand and supported by WTO accession, China's economy is the world's fastest growing economy. China industry has been rapidly expanding for over 20 years. In this industrial powerhouse, thousands of small or large companies are devoted to products manufacturing. The products manufactured in China are not only at low cost, but are of very high quality to meet western consumer demands. More and more of the most prestigious companies in the world are expanding their vendor base in China, because Chinese manufactured products have the same functionality and quality, but cost only a fraction of their western equivalents. China is the best place in the world to source electrical, mechanical components and final products.

TIP International has more than 10 years "in-country" experience and expertise of doing business in China, and has excellent knowledge of both products and manufacturing. TIP International is an effective and dependable manager of product and supplier sourcing in China. We can assist you to quickly locate the most fitting partner or products for your international business endeavors, and increase your profitability through:

● Reducing your supply costs;

● Increasing the stability of your supply chain (through multiple supplier);

● Differentiate your company's offering in terms of quality, selection, availability and cost.

Since 1993, TIP Manufacturing has been keeping close-knit relationship with over 500 China-leading producers and manufacturers in diverse market. We organize these top-tier manufacturers into TIP manufacturing network. The combination with extensive experience and TIP manufacturing network, makes our products and services unique. Our difference include:


The quality and reliability of our services is why our clients entrust us with their international issues and missions. In all our engagements and customer interactions, our objective is to achieve total customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the maximum value for all our clients. 

Professional Expertise

We have excellent knowledge on product development and manufacturing. It's very important in supplier development and management. We fully understand your needs, and ensure you can get them, through product and supplier sourcing, QC tracking, schedule management, problem solving and trouble-shooting.

In-country Experience

Combined with our over 10 years of in-country experience and our international business experience, we know how to develop and maintain business in China, and assist clients to bridge the gaps in cultural and business protocols.


All the members of TIP manufacturing network are top-tier manufacturers, which are dedicating to make components and final products. Products manufactured in TIP network, can be more effectively and strictly monitored. Thus we can make sure everything will run smoothly and cost-effectively.


We focus on recommending the most simple and practical international business solution. Complexity generates significant potential for confusion, errors and additional costs, so we concentrate on simplifying all processes involved in international business.


The fast changes of international business and our constant customer-centric focus lead us to consistently accelerate the pace of our services in order to help our clients stay competitive.

If you are thinking of doing business with world's fastest growing economy, and are seeking a global buying agent with extensive experience sourcing and qualifying vendors in China, please Contact Us. TIP can assist you to fully take the advantages of "made-in-China", and ensure best price & value for merchandise sourced.