Strategic Sourcing Services in China

With thousands of small or large companies dedicated to make components, China is the best place in the world to source electrical and mechanical components, including diodes, transistors, memories,capacitors, resistors, switches, connectors, silicone keypads, any kinds of molding parts, and much more. These suppliers help supporting the manufacturing operations of many of the world famous international corporations both within and outside China.

In addition to the importance of in-house manufacturing skills and capabilities, careful consideration is also given to purchasing of the components and materials that makeup the overall TIP Manufacturing system. TIP Manufacturing has over 10 years of “in-country” experience in locating and procuring quality components and materials in China. We specify Chinese components that have the same functionality and quality, but cost only a fraction of their western equivalents. So we are sure to make you competitive in the price-race in the global competition.

The products we develop and manufacture can be made at world-beating prices. We meet with vendors as required but hold monthly meetings to enable us to stay on top of the sourcing developments, such as latest price, new products, latest innovations, and vendors qualifying.

If you have a new product you want to manufacture, we can tell you how much we can save you.