Manufacturing for Silicone Rubber Keypads

As a subsidiary of TIP International Corp., Gotada Ltd. is one of the foremost ISO9001 2000 certified manufacturer of silicone rubber keypads and other rubber accessories. For over 15 years, we have been demonstrating the ability to transfer our design and manufacturing expertise to meet our clients' unique specifications and to bring novel solution to their end products.

Utilizing proprietary processes, which are the most cost effective and reliable solutions available and work for all kinds of silicone rubber keypad switches, we specialize in:

● Keypad Design and Engineering

● Complete Mould Making

● Compression Molding

● Spray PU Coating

● Silicone Gloss/Matt Coating

● Epoxy Coating 

● Negative Printing

● Laser Marking 

● Plastic Keycaps and Rubber/Mylar Domes Assembly 

● Membrane Switches(Metal Domes & Poly Domes) 

Our customer base include many of the world's most famous brand names, and our products are used by millions of people worldwide in a variety of fields, including mobile phone, industrial products, remote control, computer keyboard, and automotive. Our factory trained technical support staff are able to support designers throughout the world looking to incorporate tactile rubber keypads into their products.

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